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Since 1990

We are a pioneering company with an experience spanning over more then a quarter of a century in the field of Twisting. Doubling / Cabling of various types of Technical yarn in natural and synthetic fibers.

Our facilities utilize state-of-art German machinery Techno corder two for one twister and equipments. Our consistently innovative approaches and up-gradation of facilities accompanied by active R & D philosophy, has allowed us to establish and diversify into three main specialities, viz., textile threads, technical threads and industrial sewing threads. Our capacity is in range of 5000kg / day.

Technical Threads

Hybrid Yarn

Sewing Threads


The client base for our products is traditional as well as modern. The end users apart from all types of yarn processors, are in diverse branches such as automobile, fabrics ropes and cables, conveyer belt, industrial rugs and carpet industry with potential dimensions in Agriculture technology.

Our Products

  • We offer single & multiple twist on your specification in both natural and synthetic materials, in continuous filaments or fibers from Cotton, Polyester, Polyamide, Viscose, Dyneema, Aramid and Rayon.
  • Denier Range: 110 Dtex to 15.000 Dtex.
  • Twisting and doubling up to 18 ply.
  • Twist factors from 20 TMP to 3000 TMP.
  • Hybrid plied technical yarn as per client and requirement.
  • Bobbin are metered length with weight up to 12 kg with no knots.

Features & Uses

  • Geo-Textiles & Geo-Grids
  • Chefer Fabrics, Tire cord fabrics
  • Filter Fabrics, Coated fabrics
  • Big Bags, FIBC Closing Threads
  • Nets, Ropes, Tents, Awnings, Sail Sewing,
  • Paper Machine clothing, Five cord fabrics mfg
  • Industrial, Automotive, Oil & Marine hoses
  • Conveyor belts, Transmission Belts & Other MRG Application


Normal Shrinkage Polyester HT Yarn

  • Applications : Ropes, Hoses, Slings, Nets, Strappings, Webbings, Board Fabrics, Geo-Textiles.

Low Shrinkage Polyester HT Yarn

  • Applications : Tarpaulins, Tents, Hoses, Filter Fabrics, Roofing, Signage boards, Coated fabrics, Sewing threads, V-belt cord.

Rubber Adhesive Polyester HT Yarn

  • Applications : Converyor belts, Hoses, Transmission belts and MRG applications.

Polyamide 6 & 6.6

Normal Shrinkage Polyamide 6 HT Yarn

  • Applications : Ropes, Hoses, Slings, Nets, Strappings, Webbings, Boards Fabrics & Geo-Textiles.

Low Shrinkage Polyamide 6.6 HT Yarn

  • Applications : Sewing threads, Air-bags, Coated fabrics & Paper reinforcements.

Aramid Yarn

  • Protective Apparel, FOC (Fibre optics cable), Composites, Ropes & Cables, Friction & Gaskets

Viscose High Tenacity Yarn

  • Applications : Hoses, Packaging industries, Strapping, Binding Ropes & Cords, V-belt cords

High Performance Sewing Thread

  • Zoom offers a growing range of high performance Threads. In close co-operation with our partners we developed and market the following yarns : Flame retardant, Aramid, HMPE, Conductive, Low wicking and dyneema others.
  • High performance yarns are available in single & multiple twisted versions.

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